Letters – Issue 3

Group is more dynamic and exciting than ever before. Many girls are seasoned
group members and are very good at lovingly holding each other accountable.
Many of the girls in group say they want to be counselors. This means they see
the value in counseling and enjoy the experience. Some of the girls will be groomed for teen co-facilitators when they become seniors.

In my last mailing I told you about “Katie” and said that I would update you. She is
working on her relationship with her father and has broken her pattern of having
to have a boyfriend to be happy. She is taking a full load of core subjects and
making great grades. She has made great progress.

Please remember me when you have someone in mind that could benefit from
the group process. There are very few ongoing adolescent therapy groups in the
metroplex and “The Girls Group” is one of them. I work with adolescents and
adults and would appreciate your referrals.

Phyllis Bisch

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