Peace, confidence, contentment, a clear sense of self, and loving relationships are things that we all want. I provide a service that helps people realize their greatest potential and promotes physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance… what it takes to experience these things.

I see individuals, couples, adolescents, and families in private sessions and facilitate groups for adolescent girls. I help people who feel sad, lonely and depressed, feel joyful and hopeful. I help people who feel fearful and anxious, feel safe and secure. I help people adjust to the difficult changes life sometimes presents.

I help teenage girls who are confused, have low self-esteem or who are making poor choices, feel good about themselves as they begin to make more responsible choices and realize they have the power to become the women they want to be.

I help people get rid of old fears, beliefs, behaviors, and resentments that don’t serve them any longer, and open them up to new thoughts and new feelings that create new possibilities for a wonderful life.

Helping people become all they can be is my passion and my purpose. I will make myself available to help you. Look further for more information about individual and group counseling. If you think my services could be of help to you or someone close to you, please call me and I will be happy to talk to you in person.

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