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I write and distribute “Letters to Friends and Colleagues” on a regular basis. Here you will find a few of the most recent issues, along with some other publications which I have written.

Letters to Friends and Colleagues

You’re invited to “sit in” on a recent session of “The Girls Group”.
Katie, (name has been changed), is a 14 year old girl who has a distant relationship with her father, and a mother who works evenings and weekends. She began experimenting with drugs when she was 13. She uses marijuana almost every day and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it…
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Take a look and see what the girls say about “The Girls Group”. Initials have been changed for the sake of anonymity. These thoughts are from current group members.
“Group is a safe haven where I can let go of the weight on my shoulders and
where I can make a difference in someone else’s life.” — C.J.
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Group is more dynamic and exciting than ever before. Many girls are seasoned group members and are very good at lovingly holding each other accountable. Many of the girls in group say they want to be counselors.
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Dallas Teen Magazine, Spring 2005

Dallas-Teen-CoverRead the article “Frank Talk about Teens and Sex”, written by me, and published in Dallas Teen magazine, Spring 2005…

Inspirational Words of Wisdom

An appropriate answer brings joy to a person, and a well-timed word is a good thing. Through the years, I have compiled a few of my favorite Inspirational Words of Wisdom from various authors…

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